[ic] Interchange 5.10 Strap flypage

Klaatu IC Hack icgort33 at gmail.com
Wed Feb 10 14:24:55 UTC 2016

On Wed, Feb 10, 2016 at 9:44 PM, kerry <kerry at basicq.com> wrote:
> Has anyone noticed that the product flypage is very sensitive to the
> length of the comment description? I have many items per category field
> that the menu demands, and seems like the items do not show same number
> of items per row. I have adjusted the size of the title on some that are
> either to short and to long for the next row to display, but this is at
> the expense of hacking the information that the customer sees here and
> on the selected product page.

Hi Kerry

Flypage being the product page:

To edit the above page layout edit catalog/catname/pages/flypage.html

or results page something like:

To edit the results page layout you would have to play around with

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