[ic] Lost admin access on upgrade

Peter peter at pajamian.dhs.org
Fri Jan 15 05:07:16 UTC 2016

On 15/01/16 12:06, David Etheredge wrote:
> Somehow when I upgraded to 5.10.0, my admin ID / password got corrupted
> / changed so that I am not able to access the admin pages.
> access.asc now has this line:
> __MVC_SUPERUSER__ __MVC_CRYPTPW__ Site Admin 977216772 1
> and I assume that __MVC_SUPERUSER__ and __MVC_CRYPTPW__ are stored in a
> data base file that I can not find access to.

No, those actually are supposed to be replaced by makecat, I have no
idea why upgrading IC would have put that in your access.asc.  The
corrupted password file, however, probably has to do with the change
from crypt to bcrypt for admin passwords.  It should have been promoted
automatically on first login, though.

First off, make sure that you have the Digest::Bcrypt and Crypt::Random
perl modules installed, this might be your only actual issue.

If that doesn't fix it have a look at etc/catalog_after.cfg, make sure
it has these lines:
UserDB ui crypt      1
UserDB ui bcrypt     1
UserDB ui promote    1

If not then update it so that it does (in the section with the rest of
the UserDB ui lines).

If that does not allow you to log in, then you'll need to modify
access.asc with the name and plaintext temporary password of your
superuser account, then update catalog_after.cfg to add this line in
addition to the ones shown above:
UserDB ui from_plain 1

At that point (and after restarting IC) IC should read in the plain text
password at your next login attempt, encrypt it, and allow you to login.
 You can then change the password again from the admin UI.

Once you've successfully logged in, I recommend you remove (or comment
out) the "promote" and "from_plain" lines from catalog_after.cfg.


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