[ic] Correcting the products database

David Etheredge David_e at charter.net
Fri Jan 15 18:43:58 UTC 2016

Using IC 5.10.0 and Strap

#1) I would like to be able to load products from the products.txt file 
rather than use the items editor. This allows me to make changes using a 
spreadsheet. How can I tell interchange to read the products.txt file  and 
if there are changes, dump the database file and rebuild from products.txt? 
The import function only adds new products and the delete items function 

#2) Anyone currently have a working FedEx shipping set up instead of UPS?

#3 ) Also, is there a way to calculate in insurance costs into the shipping. 
We often have orders of over $1000 US and insurance gets EXPENSIVE, 
especially for the postal service.

#4) Any hints for multiple pay paths? I want to use PayPal Express, 
Authorize.net, and online checking from Authorize.net. Currently Using a 
kludged access to PayPal.

#5) I see that the pricing tables for USPS Priority and EMS services are 
very out of date. Could easily go broke using them. Anyone have newer tables 
set up?

#6) In Admin, the layout is missing or something because the pages are 
mostly scrambled text. Any suggestions on where to look for that?

As always. TIA!


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