[ic] Correcting the products database

David Etheredge David_e at charter.net
Sat Jan 16 18:47:39 UTC 2016

It almost did the job. I got an error "products not a valid database ... 
failed". The cart would not load.

However, it built a table called "New_products". I deleted the 
.new_products.sql, replaced the original products.sql and .products.sql, 
then restarted again. This time it came up with an empty products database 
and I imported the updated version.

Up and running. for this part.

BTW, I am very appreciative of the fast response and good support. It is 
improved over the past.



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> On 01/15/2016 07:43 PM, David Etheredge wrote:
>> Using IC 5.10.0 and Strap
>> #1) I would like to be able to load products from the products.txt file 
>> rather than use the items editor.
>> This allows me to make changes using a spreadsheet. How can I tell 
>> interchange to read the products.txt file  and if there are changes,
>> dump the database file and rebuild from products.txt? The import function 
>> only adds new products and the delete items function fails.
> There is either a products.sql or .products.sql in the same directory as 
> products.txt. If you delete this *.sql file,
> it will rebuild the products table from the products.txt when you restart 
> Interchange or reconfig the catalog.
> Note: I always flag my Interchange databases with "NoImport" to prevent 
> this scenario, as I don't like this
> approach.
> Regards
>         Racke

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