[ic] IC 5.10 strap

kerry kerry at basicq.com
Sun Jan 17 12:43:38 UTC 2016

This is actually the first version of interchange that I have been able
to install the catalog on,( and get kinda working by myself), since the
end of mini-vend and beginning of interchange. I have it setup on a
vmware local server with CentOS 6.7. Perl 6.10.1

I did have a little trouble with getting the directories right in
apache, but was finally able to get to the catalog and the admin login.
I made a backup copy of the virtual server so I can test and learn in
one knowing I have original to fall back on.

One version I can see the product images on in the retail side, but none
of the icon images there or on the admin side. Also on the admin side,
the table format with tabs and color are not showing. Not sure what is
causing this yet.

I was able to upload my live product table after deleting fields I have
added over the years. Will have to add to mysql before I can resolve
that. One thing I noticed after loading the products was the new menu
structure seems to pick up by category. I was not able to find much
information on creating the menu structure in the mailing list, actually
not to much information at all yet on the new strap 5.10 version. Is
there any documentation that I might have missed on the new menu function?


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