[ic] IC 5.10 Image Problems

Gort IC icgort33 at gmail.com
Tue Jan 26 04:57:11 UTC 2016

On Tue, Jan 26, 2016 at 1:48 AM, kerry <kerry at basicq.com> wrote:

> I have something setup wrong, but have not been able to fix it to date on
> the new strap  demo setup. I have not been able to find much documentation
> on the version as it it really kinda new.
> I was able to get the images showing for what should be the thumbnail
> images encountered when first bring the home page up. Here is the address I
> get on viewing image.
> http://kcb.localhost.localdomain/strap/images/items/120x150/Val-2.jpg
> When I go to the product, this is the message I am getting with nor image
> showing.
> The requested URL /interchange-5/en_US/en_US/items/Val-2.jpg was not found
> on this server.
> I have not been able to find the variable that is causing the double
> en_US/en_US in the results. I removed the en_US from the UI_LOCALE and do
> not have it in the UI_IMAGE_DIR or UI_IMAGE_DIR_SECURE.
> I even tried to remove the en_US from the DEFAULT_LOCALE
> <http://kcb.localhost.localdomain/cgi-bin/strap/admin/flex_editor?item_id=DEFAULT_LOCALE&mv_data_table=variable&ui_page_title=&ui_meta_view=&ui_page_banner=&ui_meta_specific=1&ui_return_to=admin%2fflex_select&id=IPVUexKx&mv_pc=26357>,
> but that did not work.
> Also, none of the images, (icons), are showing in the admin side, but
> think it has to be related to the cart side proble..
I have:

UI_IMAGE_DIR    /interchange-5/ Admin Control
UI_IMAGE_DIR_SECURE     /interchange-5/ Admin Control

If it doesn't work you could try copying or sym linking the interchange-5
directory to your catalogs www root directory. I recall doing this for a
catalog in the distant past however I don't think this is the expected
requirement. My current IC installs grab the UI images from the default
apache html space at: /var/www/html/interchange-5/en_US
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