[ic] Plack + Interchange for easy development

Frank Reitzenstein frank at aussievitamin.com
Wed Jul 13 06:19:59 UTC 2016

Hello Josh,

You are doing some great work there. Your Strap store is good in every
respect as far as I can tell, particularly good at what it is designed
for, mobile friendliness.


I am usually not building carts as I have had a lot of responsibilities
(packing:() but I remember checking and we were #11 on google for
"Couleur Caramel" on my pc and #7 on my mobile and of course google has
had another update regarding this issue this year.

By the way that site is on my pc. I was going to do more, but instead I
learned a little more about security and I am typing from my windoze
virtual machine. Saving power on one box for everything.

All the best Josh.

Frank Reitzenstein BSc, Grad Dip Ed, Post Grad Dip Appl. Sc, PhD
candidate in Physics.

Josh Lavin wrote:
> I've been playing with Plack's ability to wrap CGI programs, such as
> Interchange, as reported earlier by hexfusion and abaerg.
> I found it to be a very easy way to get an Interchange catalog running
> on a local machine, sans any web server. (It may also have good value
> for production, but that's for another day.)
> For my machine, I decided to use dnsmasq so I could access the catalog
> at http://strap.dev:5001/. This has the advantage of allowing cookies to
> be set, unlike the use of "localhost:5001" (cookies need a dot in there
> to be set).
> I also played with a tool called "ngrok" which does some reverse
> HTTP magic so the outside world can access a port on your localhost
> (not for long-term use, but a quick way to share a local site with
> someone else!).
> You could get fancier with it, of course, but I think this makes for an
> easy way to spin up catalogs on your personal machine (perhaps a simple
> alternative to DevCamps? - www.devcamps.org).
> I've created some instructions and files to get you started here:
> https://github.com/jdigory/interchange-extras/tree/master/plack

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