[ic] How to reset Robotlimit

Gert van der Spoel gert at 3edge.com
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> I How do I reset the RobotLimit so I can view my own website?
> This is the message I'm getting with firefox browser:
> Too many new ID assignments for this IP address. Please wait at least 24
> hours before trying again. Only waiting that period will allow access.
> Terminating.

Some info on the RobotLimit directive:

Likely set in your catalog.cfg ... You can up the limit and restart IC to take effect.
This would probably temporarily solve the problem.
You can also set it to 0, I believe that bypasses the whole RobotLimit feature (not advisable for permanent use).

You'd also need to revert the lockout command that was used to lock you out:

Depending on what was done (change in iptables? Updated htaccess etc) that would need to be reverted to lift the block.

Then there is a way to bypass getting locked out using the 'Lockout' Specialsub:



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