[ic] [interchange] Fix code which assumes we already have a hashref

Peter peter at pajamian.dhs.org
Fri Nov 11 23:22:11 UTC 2016

On 12/11/16 11:43, Mike Heins wrote:
> Here we see some of my thinking at the time when I was working very hard
> to save cycles in places that are iterative. The simple check for a
> scalar, instead of the 6 times more expensive hash member, was done
> before taking the time to instantiate the hash. I believe that some of
> these things, mostly resisting objects in code likely to be called
> hundreds of times per page, kept Interchange fast enough to be competitive.

With this in mind the recent chagne should be reverted.

>         True, I think I missed it ref() in that condition; had some
>         across an error in an installation related to dereferencing a
>         string and thought I’d found the solution.

The check for ref($item) was added by Jon only this past April.  I would
say the install you were having problems with is likely older than that.
 Simply updating would have fixed it.

>  I could revert or
>         just leave it, as it doesn’t have any practical difference;

It does, as Mike points out above.


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