[ic] intermittent 500 error with Link.pm

Grant emailgrant at gmail.com
Wed Oct 5 12:02:26 UTC 2016

>>>>> My guess would be that that is happening when the client's connection is
>>>>> broken and Apache closes its filehandles that the program is writing to.
>>>> I think you're exactly right but can I handle that scenario properly in
>>>> Link.pm so that a 500 is not produced?
>>> I'm not sure.
>>> But what do you think it should do if not a 500? It certainly isn't a 2xx
>>> result.
>>> The C-based vlink program that we normally use throws 500s in this situation
>>> too.
>> Should it be an internal server error though?  It sounds like this
>> happens due to normal client activity and the server should hopefully
>> be able to handle that gracefully and return a more accurate HTTP
>> status code without bothering the error_log.
>> I tried this in Link.pm but no change in error.log output:
>> print @out or die "print: $!\n";
> Are you using Postgresql?
> I built the Strap Store on Ubuntu 15.04 before it was released and I
> fixed a problem which sounds like that one by reverting back to Mysql.
> The problem was occurring specifically in a Matrix option ie only on
> pages with options displayed.

I'm using mysql with IC (and postgresql with Odoo) and I actually
don't use IC options at all.  This seems to be a pretty common issue
with apache2.  There's some discussion about it as it relates to a
different software package here:


Here's how they work around it:


- Grant

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