[ic] Time for new hardware?

Grant emailgrant at gmail.com
Tue Sep 20 13:31:10 UTC 2016

>>>>>> I've been making a lot of optimizations lately and I think I'm to the
>>>>>> point where my 4 cores just aren't able to keep up with demand during
>>>>>> peak traffic hours each day.  Pages load quickly when I see fewer than
>>>>>> 4 busy interchange processes in top but things slow down drastically
>>>>>> after that.  Once I'm OK with the degree of optimization my ITL pages
>>>>>> have undergone and I'm not IO-bound or memory-bound, is it time to
>>>>>> throw CPU at the problem?
>>>>>> I'm a little puzzled because I've seen my server perform much better
>>>>>> under much greater loads in the past.  I thought my growing mysql
>>>>>> tables could be the problem so I set up indexes and it has helped but
>>>>>> my server still struggles under loads it used to handle without issue.
>>>>>> I did notice that my tables are split about 50/50 between InnoDB and
>>>>>> MyISAM and I'd like to make all of them InnoDB.
>>>>>> - Grant
>>>>> Yeah, I would recommend to switch all them to InnoDB for consistency
>>>>> and real transactions.
>>>>> You probably can find sufficient resources on MySQL optimization with
>>>>> InnoDB if that is your bottleneck.
>>>> Actually IO doesn't seem to be a bottleneck at this point.  It seems
>>>> to be CPU as things slow down once I have 4 busy interchange processes
>>>> on my quad-core CPU and iotop does not show much activity at that
>>>> point.  Besides ITL optimization, is this a clear case of needing a
>>>> faster CPU and more cores or is there anything else to consider first?
>>>>> May I ask which webserver you are using?
>>>> I'm using nginx reverse proxied to apache2.
>>> Did you consider to get rid of Apache?
>> I'm certainly planning to do that but if I watch top it looks like my
>> apache2 processes *barely* get above idle even when the web server is
>> under heavy load.  The interchange processes get hammered.
> Which mode/settings do you use for the Interchange server? How
> do you connect Nginx and Interchange?

Here are my active traffic settings from interchange.cfg:

PreFork                 Yes
StartServers            12
MaxServers              0
MaxRequestsPerChild     100
HouseKeeping            2
PIDcheck                3600
ChildLife               3600

apache2 listens on a particular port and nginx sends page requests to
apache2 over that port via the proxy_pass directive.  apache2 then
hands off to interchange via Interchange::Link.

- Grant

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