[ic] database failure in 5.10

David_e at charter.net David_e at charter.net
Fri Feb 10 01:58:10 UTC 2017

Getting an error when building database

abcdde config error: products not a database, cannot
abcdde: config error. Skipping.

The products database works in 4.9.3 and had been working on 5.10. No idea what happened.

partial from products.txt

sku description title template_page comment thumb image price wholesale prod_group category tax_category nontaxable weight size color gift_cert related featured download dl_type dl_location inactive url sale_price image_large

upg-UZ2-U3 Upgrade customers ParaZapper UZI-2 to ParaZapper UZI-3. "User returns their ParaZapper UZI-2 and it is upgraded to a ParaZapper UZI-3, which is then returned to the customer." 50 0.75 

pz00014 Replacement Wrist bands "Replacement wrist bands, 4mm snap connection, no wires." 19.5 accessories 0.125 

pz00012 Wall Adapter power supply, safety rated Boosts the zappers output and eliminated the need for batteries. Allows 10.8 volts output from any ParaZapper product with a safety rating high enough for use on medical equipment so that there is no worry of electrocution. Safety rated for use with medical equipment. 38.00 36.00 service service 1.4 

repl_plug replace banana plug 0 1 0 

repl_batt_clip Replace broken battery clip in competetors unit Replace broken battery clip in competetors unit. 7.5 service service 1 0 


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