[ic] database transfer issues

Klaatu IC icgort33 at gmail.com
Sat Feb 11 10:40:11 UTC 2017

On Sat, Feb 11, 2017 at 2:14 AM,  <David_e at charter.net> wrote:
> So, the problem that I have found is that userdb and orderline in 4.9.3 is
> different from the same files in 5.10.0 so that when I export the database
> and then import it into the 5.10.0, the import fails. Is there not a utility
> written to convert the format from the old version to the new?

If it is any help here are some notes I took relating to upgrading
userdb from an old catalog to Strap / IC 5.8

Changing userdb.txt file structure and dbconf etc I could not get the
userdb table re-created correctly so using the strap demo as the basis
I did the following:

Exported userdb table as CSV from interchange old cat using the tables
export function but excluded cart and address_book columns (too hard).

Delete these columns from the CSV file: mv_credit_card_type
mv_credit_card_exp_month mv_credit_card_exp_year fax_order
order_numbers email_copy project_id account_id order_dest

Add usernick field and populate with users email addresses

Deleted all rows with duplicate email address

Deleted all rows with no email address

Add expiration accounts updated created as well as carts address_book columns.

Then save the file as TAB delimited and fields NOT enclosed by "

Field names must be in top row.

Click: Tables - UserDB - Import Data - Choose "add new items if present".

Previous cat userdb.txt fields:

username password acl mod_time s_nickname company fname lname address1
address2 address3 city state zip country phone
_day mv_shipmode b_nickname b_fname b_lname b_address1 b_address2
b_address3 b_city b_state b_zip b_country b_phone mv_
credit_card_type mv_credit_card_exp_month mv_credit_card_exp_year
p_nickname email fax phone_night fax_order address_book a
ccounts preferences carts owner file_acl db_acl order_numbers
email_copy mail_list project_id account_id order_dest cred
it_limit inactive dealer b_company price_level credit_balance

Strap userdb.txt fields:

username usernick password expiration acl mod_time s_nickname company
fname lname address1 address2 address3 city stat
e zip country phone_day mv_shipmode b_nickname b_fname b_lname
b_company b_address1 b_address2 b_address3 b_city b_stat
e b_zip b_country b_phone p_nickname email fax phone_night
address_book accounts preferences carts owner file_acl db_a
cl mail_list credit_limit inactive dealer price_level updated created

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