[ic] how to reverse sort order

Peter peter at pajamian.dhs.org
Fri Jan 13 22:55:22 UTC 2017

On 14/01/17 07:27, Steve Bronson wrote:
> I have a table in interchange with several columns.  The first column is
> id number.
> Right now when I go to this table in interchange it lists smallest to
> largest id number.
> How do I change it so it list largest to smallest id number?

I assume you mean the select page for the table in the admin UI?

1.  At the top, underneath the second row of tabs you will see, "Select
for table edit: tablename".  Click on the table name there.

2.  On the page that comes up you'll see a multi-select box with the
decription, "Sort modifier for select page".  Hold down the Ctrl-key
while click to get both "numeric" and "reverse" selected.

3.  Also make sure that "Sort by on select page" has the correct column
selected (id).

4.  Click on the "Ok" button at the top or bottom right of the screen.

>From then on the default sort for that table will be a reverse numeric
sort on the id column.


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