[ic] Orders_to email

Gert van der Spoel gert at 3edge.com
Sat Jul 15 09:12:37 UTC 2017

> Where is the reply_to email address defined for the email that is sent to
Orders_to ? For some reason, reply_to is defined as interch at servername.com
which is ridiculous. I would think that any reply should be to the
customer's email instead of replying back to myself.



I believe you can set it in your order profile (for me that is in
etc/profiles.order) via:

&setcheck=mv_email [value email]


With setcheck it fails in case the value is blank/zero, else to use &set=


For me it is added as last item in the order profile.


'email' should be the email field on your order form, in case it is named
differently you will have to put the name of that field.


Hope it works.





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