[ic] Bad quantities

Bob Puff bob at nleaudio.com
Mon Jul 24 18:52:45 UTC 2017


I have a catalog that has randomly been having quantities adjusted right at checkout.  A user will 
buy one item, and after they check out, it suddenly becomes 6 items.  It seems to happen on perhaps 
1 out of every 50 orders.

What is interesting is that the quantity reported starts with a "0", which doesn't normally happen.  
In this example, the quantity got changed from 1 to "06":

  Shipping Method: UPS Second Day Air     Total Weight: 54

Quan Item No.    Description                      Price Extension
---- ----------- -------------------------------- --------- ----------
  06  buffalo-spe Product1 6 lbs Special           $68.99    $413.94
      c           $68.99***SHIPPING INCLUDED***

                                                 SUBTOTAL      $413.94
                                                 SALES TAX         $0.00
                                                 SHIPPING        $0.00
                                                 TOTAL       $413.94

Is there a way I can somehow test for this added "0"?  What could be causing it?

Running IC 5.8.2, slightly modified catalog originating from 5.2.0


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