[ic] Copy data from mssql to mysql

marco m.mescoli at omnib.it
Fri Jun 23 17:03:39 UTC 2017

Yes Peter your way seems give less trouble. I have tested the most 
popular libraries in python seems enough simply. Tested libs:
mssql: pymssql(without odbc more direct), pyodbc(with freetds)
mysql: mysql.connector(more supported and recent), MySQLdb

Il 22/06/2017 21:44, Peter ha scritto:
> On 23/06/17 01:34, marco wrote:
>> I am begin to work about a nightly data bridge, a scheduled procedure
>> running on web server that read from mssql and write on mysql, not a
>> definitive migration.
> I do a very similar replication from mssql to mysql using perl DBI.  You
> can use dbd::ODBC to connect and retrieve data from the mssql server and
> dbd::mysql for the mysql side and script the transfer.
> Note that it's also possible for Interchange to connect directly to the
> mssql server using dbd::ODBC.
> Peter
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