[ic] Strap - more-link display issue

Josh Lavin jlavin at endpoint.com
Mon May 15 15:09:48 UTC 2017

Quoting Martin Houle (martin at nest-solutions.com):
> It's my first time fiddling with the Strap template, quite happy with
> it! But I have an issue with the results displaying weird and I can't
> seem to find how to fix it.
> I have a small catalog in place, around 30 products split into 2
> groups of 2 categories. Results from each category display nicely when
> I click the product_tree, as they fit within one page.
> The problems comes when I click on "All Products": Results page
> displays products nicely, but when I move forward in the more_links
> pages, the display is spreaded across the site, and overspills each
> sides, starting with 1 product on the first row right next to the
> more_links. The more-link page links are styled here. Components in
> the right side fall below the search results.

Hi Martin,

I see the Demo store does not have paging of the All Products page,
because there are not enough products. I changed my local copy of the
Strap catalog to set the MV_DEFAULT_MATCHLIMIT variable to 10 (added to

When I browse the All-Products page, the "more" pages display fine for
me. They don't overlap the left side component.

I then set the pages/results.html page to use "display_class" of
"leftright" and put in a right-hand side component. While the middle
section of product results were squished, they still did not overlap
either the left or right sides.

I think perhaps you have modified your HTML from the Strap default, and
perhaps have missed a closing </div> tag or something. Maybe you can
eliminate some sections of the page and try to find the issue.

Josh Lavin
End Point Corporation

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