[ic] Non Interchange Sites in the Hall of Fame?

Sam Batschelet samb at endpoint.com
Thu Oct 19 19:49:35 UTC 2017

On 10/19/2017 02:33 PM, Rogerson, Angus wrote:
> On 10/18/2017 7:26 PM, Peter wrote:
>> On 19/10/17 10:54, IC wrote:
>>> How is it that some of the "Noteworthy Interchange Implementations" are
>>> running Magento and god knows what other software?
>> They would have been running Interchange at the time they were added to
>> the hall of fame and then later switched to another platform.
> This comment comes at a good time for our store. New management wants to 
> re-vamp our webstore. We have been running interchange for years, and I 
> have been avoiding upgrading to 5.10 in the hopes that 6.0 would be 
> worth the wait. I went hunting and found a few repos on github, but they 
> do not appear to very active:
> https://github.com/interchange/Flowers - Dec 31, 2014
> https://github.com/interchange/Interchange6 - May 23, 2016
> https://github.com/interchange/Interchange6-Demo-Shop - Mar 29, 2017
> I am getting pressure to jump ship to a shiny new PHP system.
> Sadly google searches for "open source shopping carts" produces many Top 
> N Open Source Shopping Carts lists, none of which mention interchange.
> Could someone involved in IC6 comment on the status of the project and 
> possibly update http://www.icdevgroup.org/i/dev/roadmap. Am I missing a 
> more active repo? Are there any plans for a 'release'? Is there a demo 
> store like the 5.x demo store on icdevgroup.org anywhere?


RE: IC6 Although the code base exists and could be extended/used it 
would involve a fairly good amount of time for the developer to get up 
to speed on the core technologies. These include Dancer2, DBIx::Class 
and Template::Flute. The best example of a live demo that we have is the 
https://perl.dance website. So in short what you see is pretty much the 
core of things I would add.


As you can see development has stalled mainly due to the fact that it 
has not been strongly embraced by the community more or less because 
because Interchange 5 still works. Saying that if you were willing to 
put in the time to further development and learn the ecosystem I know 
that I and I am sure others would assist in your efforts. But this will 
not be a simple project. Your efforts would probably be best served by 
updating to 5.10+git. But if you decide to take the road less traveled 
support does exist and you would be moving the community members towards 
a nice Perl cart rather then some over-hyped PHP *cough* solution. That 
is the state of things from my end SysPete, racke, others? may have 
additional input.


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