[ic] 500 Died in server spawn error caused by regex in log_transaction

IC ic at tvcables.co.uk
Mon Sep 11 11:35:38 UTC 2017

> Hmm, if you're certain that this is a new behavior and that is the only
> perl that is installed on the system, I'm not sure where this deviation
> would have come from.  I still suspect my first hunch, which is that we're
> using a different module library than the version of perl running
> interchange.
> Can you do something to try to find any existing perl5 library
> such as `find / -name perl5 -type d` and report any results?  While
> `which` might just show the single perl there still may be others in $PATH
> that are confusing things.

Hi David,

Here is the output of `find / -name perl5 -type d`


>From the IC admin panel info it reports this:-

Perl Version      Perl 5.8.8 (called with: /usr/local/bin/perl) 
Optional Module Information      
Archive::Tar found (v2.04). MIME::Base64 found (v3.15). 
Archive::Zip found (v1.55). Safe::Hole found (v0.13). 
Bundle::LWP found (v5.835). Set::Crontab found (v1.03). 
Business::UPS found (v2.01). Spreadsheet::ParseExcel found (v0.65). 
Compress::Zlib found (v2.069). Spreadsheet::WriteExcel found (v2.40). 
Crypt::SSLeay found (v0.72). Storable found (v2.51). 
DBI found (v1.636). Tie::ShadowHash found (v1.00). 
Digest::MD5 found (v2.54). Tie::Watch found (v1.301). 
Image::Size found (v3.3). URI::URL found (v5.04). 
LWP::Simple found (v6.15). 


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