[ic] Not able to upload file to a remote server using interchange running application

Ambriesh Dwivedi adwivedi at mcfina.com
Tue Sep 19 17:35:27 UTC 2017

Hi Team,

I am facing issue while trying to upload text/image/video files from our application(which is running on interchange) to a remote server(a different server to store uploaded user videos and then later access them for display) that files are not getting saved on remote server.

I am using below interchange syntax for file upload.

In upload_a_video.html file =>
                <form action="[company-url] method="post" enctype="multipart/form-data">
                                <input type="file" name="mediafilename" value="mediafilevalue" id="mediafileid" accept=".mp4|.wmv|.mkv|.gif|.mov|video/*|audio/*">
                                <INPUT TYPE=hidden NAME=mv_nextpage VALUE=display_a_video.html>
                                <input type="submit" value="Upload & Test!">

<br>FileName: [value-extended name=mediafilename]<br>

                [tmp interpolate=1 name=not_null_file_name]
                                [value-extended  name=mediafilename test=isfile]

                [value-extended Yes="File Saved" No="File NOT saved" name=mediafilename
                    outfile="xdir/[value-extended name=mediafilename]"

  [if scratch not_null_file_name]
    Good file name <br>
    Null file name<br>

In display_a_video.html file =>
<video class="p-video" type="video/mp4" width="700" height="450" src = "../catalogs/core/xdir/[scratch mediafilename]" controls>

I am able to save files in the application server itself  at location 'catalogs/core' successfully.

I have mounted the volume 'xdir' of remote server under 'catalogs/core' of application server so that application can save files under 'catalogs/core/xdir', however interchange is only able to create a blank file at the remote server directory 'xdir'

What I am missing here?
Does interchange has the capability to upload files on a different remote server other than the application server?

It will be really great to get some help on this issue.
Ambriesh Dwivedi
adwivedi at mcfina.com<mailto:adwivedi at mcfina.com>
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