3.2. Fly tax

The [fly-tax] tag is placed in the DEFAULT setting of salestax.asc, and the variables TAXAREA, TAXRATE, and TAXSHIPPING are used to build the rates.


A space-separated or comma-seperated list of states to apply tax to. Not needed for anything in the calculation, it is used to build the UI list of states to tax.


An Interchange accessory-list style of value, with the format


where XX is the two-letter state code and N.NN is the tax rate in percent. To apply a tax of 7.25% for Illinois and 5.5% for Nevada, you would use:

IL=7.25, NV=5.5


A space- or comma-separated list of states where shipping is taxed. For the above example, if Nevada taxed shipping and Illinois did not, you would make TAXSHIPPING equal to "NV".

The Salestax Directive

To set the field that is used for the state code, you use the standard Interchange SalesTax directive. It would almost always be set to state.