3.3. Salestax "multi" -- VAT taxing

If the SalesTax directive is set to "multi", then the type of tax is read from the country table. To see the tax type in force for the UK, you can place in a page:

        [data table=country col=tax key="UK"].
  MV_COUNTRY_TABLE      Table for country info (default "country")
  MV_COUNTRY_FIELD      Form field determining country (default "country")
  MV_COUNTRY_TAX_FIELD  Table column for country-wide tax (default "tax")
  MV_STATE_TABLE        Table for state/province info (default "state")
  MV_STATE_FIELD        Form field determining state/province (default "state")
  MV_STATE_TAX_FIELD    Table column for state-wide tax (default "tax")
  MV_TAX_TYPE_FIELD     Table column enumerating tax types (default "tax_type")
  MV_TAX_CATEGORY_FIELD Table column for product type (default tax_category)

Below, we refer to the tables, columns, and fields by their default names.

The first lookup is done in table country based on the user input of country (i.e. [value country]). The tax field is read and one of the following is done:

1. If no string is found, tax returns 0.

2. If string "simple:XX" is found, uses [fly-tax] with the area specifed in XX.

3. If string "state" is found, does a re-lookup with

     select tax from state where country = country and state = state

and value is applied as below.

4. If just digits are found, rate applied directly -- i.e. "0.05"

5. If N.NN% is found, applied as percentage.

6. If category = N.NN%, default = N.NN% is found, the tax_category field in the products table is used to determine tax basis. If no tax_category is found for the product, default rate is used.

This product data

    sku      price     tax_category
    os28003  10.00     tools
    os28004  20.00     food

with this country and state data:

    code     name     tax
    US       U.S.A.   state
    JP       Japan    tools=10%, default=15%

    code   country   state   name      tax
    0001   US        IL      Illinois  6.5%
    0002   US        OH      Ohio      default = 5.5%, food = 1%
    0003   US        AZ      Arizona

Will yield tax for one each of os28003 and os28004 of:

    Japan   $4.00
    US/IL   $1.95
    US/OH   $0.75
    US/AZ   $0.00