11.2. etc/profiles.order

Create the etc/ directory in the tutorial catalog directory now.

You need to set up verification for the order form by defining an order profile for the form. An order profile determines what fields are necessary for the form to be accepted. Create an order profile verification page by typing the following and saving it as etc/profiles.order. The section that follows explains the code used.

  __NAME__ order_profile




A single file can contain multiple profile definitions. First the profile is named using the __NAME__ pragma. (This is unrelated to the __VARIABLE__ syntax seen elsewhere in Interchange.) Then in the profile there is a list of the form fields that are required. The &fatal setting indicates that validation will fail if any of the requirements are not met. &final indicates that this form will complete the ordering process. This setting is helpful if you have a multi-page ordering process and you want to validate each page individually. The __END__ pragma signals the end of this profile, after which you can begin another one.

In order to activate your order profile, add the following OrderProfile directive to the end of catalog.cfg:

  OrderProfile etc/profiles.order

Watch for white space in front of the __NAME__ pragma, it can cause your profile to be ignored. Rember to restart Interchange for any changes to take effect.