11.4. Credit card processing

This tutorial uses a very simple order process. To accomplish this, one more directive needs to be added to the file etc/profiles.order:

+ &credit_card=standard keep


This issues two instructions to the credit card system.

The first option, standard, uses the standard built-in encryption algorithm to encrypt the credit card number and erases the unencrypted copy from memory. We are using the standard option not to encrypt the number but to run the checksum verification on the number to verify that it is a potentially correct number. We will not be checking with a real payment processor to see if it actually is a valid card number. For testing purposes, you can use the card number 4111 1111 1111 1111, which will pass the checksum test.

The second option, keep, keeps the credit card number from getting removed from memory. We want to keep the number in memory so that it is available when it is mailed as part of the order.

If the credit card number passes and all of the required fields are present, the customer will be sent to the final page. Interchange then sends an e-mail to the store owner (you).