5. The Search Engine

Interchange implements a search engine which will search the product database (or any other file) for items based on customer input. It uses either forms or link-based searches that are called with the special page name scan. The search engine uses many special Interchange tags and variables.

If the search is implemented in a link or a form, it will always display formatted results on the results page, an Interchange page that uses some combination of the [search-region], [search-list], [more-list], [more], and other Interchange tags to format and display the results. The search results are usually a series of product codes/SKUs or other database keys, which are then iterated over similar to the [item-list].

Note: Examples of search forms and result pages are included in the demos.

Two search engine interfaces are provided, and five types of searching are available. The default is a text-based search of the first products database source file (i.e., products.txt). A binary search of a dictionary-ordered file can be specified. An optional Glimpse search is enabled by placing the command specification for Glimpse in the catalog.cfg directive Glimpse. There is a range-based search, used in combination with one of the above. And finally, there is a fully-coordinated search with grouping.

The default, a text based search, sequentially scans the lines in the target file. By default it returns the first field (delineated by the delimiter for that database) for every line matching the search specification. This corresponds to the product code, which is then used to key specific accesses to the database.

The text-based search is capable of sophisticated field-specific searches with fully-independent case-sensitivity, substring, and negated matching.

The Search Form


Fast Binary Search

Coordinated and Joined Searching

Custom search operators

Specifying a Text-Based Search with SQL Syntax

One-Click Searches

Setting Display Options with mv_value

In-Page Searches

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