8.6. How do I display Euro pricing?

You can use Interchange's II8N facilty via the Locale directive. In catalog.cfg:

# to define the euro-Settings (PriceDivide is for converting from DM)
Locale eur_EUR PriceDivide         1.95583
Locale eur_EUR p_cs_precedes       0
# this is great - you can even use HTML-Tags to display an euro-image
Locale eur_EUR currency_symbol     "<IMG src="/path/to/image/euro.gif">"
Locale eur_EUR p_sep_by_space      2
Locale eur_EUR mon_decimal_point   ,

# and the DM
Locale de_DE
Locale de_DE p_cs_precedes  0
Locale de_DE p_sep_by_space 2

Note: Be sure to use the latest exchange rates when you establish your catalog.

On your pages (this is from a search results page, the [item-.... ...] notation may be different depending on your context):

[item-price]<br><!-- german is default -->
[setlocale eur_EUR]
  [currency convert=1][item-field price][/currency]<br><!-- the euro -->

Any questions? Read the docs about "Internationalization."