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Mon, 9 Apr 2001 01:39 -0500

CVS activity by user 'heins':
interchange/lib/Vend/Payment Authorize.pm,NONE,
Update of /anon_cvs/repository/interchange/lib/Vend/Payment
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Added Files:
      Tag: DEV_4_7_0
Log Message:

  * Extensively rework Payment routines.

  * Add Payment.pm module to contain the base routines, and be a
    target for the routines added via the different Payment

  * A pretty convenient mechanism to bring in modules:

  		Require module Vend::Payment::Authorize

    Prevents errors and memory bloat(er) when Net::SSLeay or other
	needed companion modules are present/not present, and should
	give reasonable errors when the module is not working.

  * Support old CyberCash stuff for now, will probably replace with
    Payment/CyberCash.pm and some stubs.

  * Initially have Authorize.net (Payment/Authorize.pm), rest will
    follow shortly. These will be documented with in-module POD.

  * There will be a Vend::Payment::Skeleton to show adding your own
    payment module.

  * GlobalSub method still supported, current GlobalSub things
    should work fine (tested with Authorize.net and "custom
    authorizenet" mode).

  * Beginnings of PayPal support will be there shortly, but
    thinking of how to generalize that
    send-offsite-then-return-post paradigm.

  * Should be completely backward compatible.

  * All payment stuff taken out of Vend::Order except _charge
    profile interface routine, a couple of stubs left for backward

  * Parameters can be completely Route resident, no MV_PAYMENT_*
    variables needed.

  * Changed mv_credit_card_info to delete all but
    mv_credit_card_reference digits when not encrypted. This is

  * Added "cascade" route capability, that allows you to specify
    one master order route that calls the rest of the routes.
    Perhaps an interface in payment mode to add some logging....??