[interchange-i18n] Thanks Racke

Kirill Sapelkin znanie at rawbw.com
Sat Apr 26 00:12:00 UTC 2003

> thanks for help me in change mi currency works fine, but how can i change=
>  mi
> language to spanish,=0D

Look at products/locale.txt.  It is a tab delimited file.  The top
line is locale codes and the rest of the lines are some settings in
different languages.  So if two tabs over is Spanish, put all of your
Spanish text in the column two tabs over.  

The icdevgroup site has "Interchange I18N Features", it explains the
language set up.  It deals with locale database in paragraph 1.6.  

> i got to transalate the html pages?, =0D
Perhaps in some places.  Maybe the Comment.
> can be done automatic?=0D
No,  but it's probably not to hard.
> and where i can found images in spanish?=0D
> =0D
> thanks god bless you!!!=0D

Good luck.

--Kirill Sapelkin znanie at rawbw.com

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