[ic] Just ported to Interchange from Minivend 4.04

Mike Heins mikeh@minivend.com
Fri, 18 Aug 2000 16:52:56 -0400

Quoting Mikel Smith (granola@maserith.com):
> The install went smoothly.  Sample stores work fine.
> I'm migrating an old store that was based on the 'simple' example.  I
> went through the new configuration file and synced it up with the old
> one, migrated over the 'pages' directory and the database.  Also the
> changes that were made in the 'config' directory.
> The store comes up fine and everything appears to work (including the
> new admin interface), but when I try to 'checkout' after building a
> shopping cart, I get the following:
> _________________________________________
> /cgi-bin/safaristore/process.html Runtime error: Can't use an undefined
> value as an ARRAY reference at /www/interchange/lib/Vend/Interpolate.pm
> line 4774.
> _________________________________________
> I'm looking through the different files I can think of and getting
> nowhere.  Any ideas on where to look for this problem?  Since initially
> seeing the problem, it has cropped up in a few other places as well
> (Orders and Customers links in the admin interface).

This is usually a database problem. Look in logs/log and see if there
is an indication of entry into the transactions and orderline databases.

Actually, I may have seen this one before. Try turning Variable DEBUG 0
in minivend.cfg -- I bet you have it set to 1. I think this is a problem with
Data::Dumper when running with "DumpStructure Yes". 

We would need the usual information -- OS, database type, version --
to make any more informed guesses.

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