[ic] The Joys of Cobalt RAQ and Interchange

Simeon Jones Simeon_Jones@psi-soft.co.uk
Sun, 27 Aug 2000 22:38:25 +0100

After trawling through this list I appear to have had a partial success
getting interchange to work on a RAQ 2.
I am running with mysql installed, and trying to pull up the "Barry" store.
I can get into most of the admin functions, but the orders screen
/admin/order.html gives me a server error, as do any of the "client" side
However, I can get into quicklinks,statistics, generate static and others.
I have failed to get minivend running in debug mode (it seems to ignore the
option as  --DEBUG; -D gives a missing parameter error as if it is being
taken as "-d" instead)

Does anyone have any suggestions?
PS for the record, I have played with Intershop and other "high priced" cart
systems, and from what i have seen of your demo system so far, you kick all
the other freeware carts into touch!


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