[ic] routes + payment provider

Mathias Picker mathiasp@venus.virtual-earth.de
Mon, 28 Aug 2000 15:02:11 +0200 (CEST)

The default order process does not fit my intended use of minivend, and
I'm unsure how to proceed.

Here's what I'm doing now:

ord/checkout.html calls the (new) vip_request.html, which encrypts the
order, sends it to an payment solution provider (virbus GmbH), and
redirects the user to the providers page, where he is asked for his
credit card, bank, SET or CyberCash info, depending on what he choose in

The provider processes the users payment, and gives back a status via
the (new) ord/vip_response.html, which should complete the order if the
payment was successful (i.e. enter it into the db, decrement inventory)
and signal to the provider that the local order processing was
successfull, so he can actually transfer the money.

>From what I understand now, the order processing is done via the route
main, and this is activated via a hidden input field. Now, since
vip_response.html (where the route should be activated) is called from
an external webserver, how can I activate the route processing there???

Any ideas?

vip_request.html ([viprequest ...] is a user tag which calls a local
program to encrypt the information send)


[if value vip_method eq CyberCash]

Ihre CyberCash-Wallet wird geöffnet...

Zurück zum CBT Lagerverkauf

[/then] [else]

Das SSL-Formular wird aufgerufen...

Zurück zum CBT Lagerverkauf

[/else] [/if] vip_response.html ([vipresponse ...] decodes the status send by the payment provider) <!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//IETF//DTD HTML//EN"> [perl cgi scratch] $Safe{'scratch'}->{"message"} = $Safe{'cgi'}->{"message"}; return ""; [/perl] [vipresponse] path: /usr/local/minivend/bin/vipclient message: [scratch message] [/vipresponse] [if scratch status eq success] [then] [viprequest] path: /usr/local/minivend/bin/vipclient status: success [/viprequest] [/then] [else] [viprequest] path: /usr/local/minivend/bin/vipclient status: failure [/viprequest] [/else] [/if] -- virtual earth Mathias Picker Geschäftsführer Gesellschaft für Wissens re/prä sentation mbH Mathias.Picker@virtual-earth.de Fon +49 89 / 540 7425-1 Fax +49 89 / 540 7425-9