[ic] Interchange Install

Robert Theisen retheisen@yahoo.com
Tue, 29 Aug 2000 17:33:45 -0700 (PDT)


'./configure' and 'perl Makefile.pl' do the same thing
so doing one or the other first is trivial, different
means to the same end.

A single minivend/interchange server will easily serve
multiple catalogs.  I am unsure of the actual number
that has been implemented but it is affected more by
the hardware than the software.  Current mid level
hardware 700Mhz 256Megs ram should easily handle 40 -
50 catalogs depending on traffic.

Good Luck and let us know about your success.

Thanks, Robert Theisen
Akopia inc.

--- Nella White <nella@asis.com> wrote:
>   I'm new to Interchange and to Minivend. I just
> downloaded the 
> Interchange_latest tarball and untarred it off
> /usr/local. But I am a 
> little confused about the installation. The README
> file said I should run 
> perl Makefile.PL which I did, then make and make
> install. Following these 
> instructions created directory /usr/local/minivend.
> But the QuickStart says to run ./configure and
> doesn't mention anything 
> about the perl Makefile. I don't know which I'm
> supposed to do first.
> I'm hoping I can install this on my server, then
> make multiple catalogs for 
> my customers. Is this how it works, or must I
> install the whole thing for 
> each customer who wants to use it?
> Thanks,
> Nella 
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