[ic] Interchange Install

Nella White nella@asis.com
Tue, 29 Aug 2000 16:17:22 -0700

  I'm new to Interchange and to Minivend. I just downloaded the 
Interchange_latest tarball and untarred it off /usr/local. But I am a 
little confused about the installation. The README file said I should run 
perl Makefile.PL which I did, then make and make install. Following these 
instructions created directory /usr/local/minivend.

But the QuickStart says to run ./configure and doesn't mention anything 
about the perl Makefile. I don't know which I'm supposed to do first.

I'm hoping I can install this on my server, then make multiple catalogs for 
my customers. Is this how it works, or must I install the whole thing for 
each customer who wants to use it?