[ic] Routes: how does copy_user get the email address of the user?

Stefan Hornburg racke@linuxia.de
30 Aug 2000 15:59:58 +0200

Mathias Picker <mathiasp@venus.virtual-earth.de> writes:

> This is for ic-4.5.3, I did have the areas set up and didn't want to
> change to 4.5.5.
> I'm not using the standard ordering process of interchange, but rather
> load the user session from file, set it and $::Values by hand and then
> call route_order and mail_order.
> Everything works fine but for one thing: the user never gets an email.
> The copy_user route is called, but the email is not set. Both main and
> log routes work fine. 
> So here's my question: how is the email of the copy_user route normally
> set? I can't find it in the code.

You should refer to the documentation how to configure the copy_user


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