[ic] mv_action not doing what I expect...

Bill Randle billr@exgate.tek.com
Fri, 1 Dec 2000 18:17:41 -0800

You are looking in the right place to find out what refresh does.
Set DEBUG to 1 in one of the top level interchange.cfg files
and restart interchange to enable debugging. Output should go
to /tmp/<something> (used to be /tmp/mvdebug in MV4).


P.S. The above is based on MV4; there may be slight differences inIC.

On Dec 1,  8:52pm, Paul Stearns wrote:
} Subject: Re: [ic] mv_action not doing what I expect...
} Where can I find the perl script wich executes when a mv_action=refresh is
} I really need this to be consistent across browsers.
} When reading the perl script (a perl expert I'm not)
/usr/lib/interchange/bin/interchange, I found an area which appears to have
something to do with the "refresh" section. I also found lines
} which started with "#::LogDebug..." I assumed these to be commented out
commands which would write stuff to a log. Unfortunately I don't know where it
would write this stuff to. I would like to
} use these commands for debugging.
} Is there any sort of "internals" documentation which tells what bits of code
gets executed and when? I am fighting a steep learning curve with Interchange
and Perl.
} Paul