[ic] Are there any Simple Templates??

root keithp@censoft.com
Mon, 04 Dec 2000 17:43:01 -0700

I've been buggering with the default template all day, but it's going to
take alot of customization just to make it simple which doesn't make
alot of sense.

All I need is a very simple shopping cart with about 10-20 items.  I
don't need advertising or even shipping.  All I need is for them to
click on the item (I only need 3 catagories), click checkout, talk to
cybercash then re-direct them to a certian page.  I'm having a really
hard time getting rid of all the stuff I don't want or need.

If any of you have a very simple template that I can use, or have any
suggestions for quickly getting rid of all the extra stuff I'd
appreciate it.