[ic] Multiple ship to's...

Warren Odom warren-odom@stenocall.com
Wed, 6 Dec 2000 10:11:15 -0600

Quoting Mike:
>The userdb has had these address book features for years, but I
>have recently added support in the construct catalog for it. You
>can see an example if you go to
>	http://bill.minivend.com/cgi-bin/construct
>and log in as the customer "ckirk" with pass "kirk".

I tried out your suggestion, and the multi-ship support seems, well, let's
say, incomplete.  Although it does have a drop-down box to choose a
different shipping address for each line item, it wouldn't let me choose any
address but Primary.  I went to the "shipping address" page and there
appeared to be four available addresses.  I added a fifth one but it still
didn't let me choose it.

And by the way, there are usability problems with the "shipping address"
page.  The "load from" section is a comparatively advanced function that
some shops might want to omit (or at least include more explanation for)
rather than risk confusing the first-time customer.  And what does "Save
here only" mean?  But the biggie is that the page doesn't seem to have any
reasonable exit, nor any message as to what to do next.  When you click OK,
it just redisplays the page.  You basically have to use the browser's Back
button to return to the check-out procedure, whereupon you see our old
friend the "Expired" message and you have to hit Refresh.  (And, as we've
seen before, depending on how you got to that page, this can insert a
duplicate of the last item ordered into the cart.  It happened to me once
during this process.)

           -- Warren