[ic] pending orders dissapear!

Eric Hull res059ss@gte.net
Sat, 9 Dec 2000 02:11:16 -0600

Hello all,

Big problem here - don't have a clue how or why it has happened - searched
the list and archives - no luck.

Here is what happened

www.webuildpcs.com - live store - using construct demo template - working
excellent till now (over 450 orders during 45 or so days)

loged into UI as super user - as normal
went to pending orders to show shipped - tracking etc....
clicked on 8 orders, listed them as shipped, then went back into them and
entered tracking update info
we use UPS reference line 1 to cross with UPS for customer tracking - has
worked flawless for over 350 orders - we use this method:
click on UI link to send email, then next screen (...email sent to...etc..)
click on the "Status" to go back and enter in UPS reference # - after
placing this, click on "change global status".

after the 9th order and clicking on "send email..." all except 13 of 55
backorder/pending/partial orders in under pending orders section of UI
dissapeared and cutomer data for a few has dissapeared or changed.

immediately checked server for hackers/problems, etc.. server seems ok - no
errors in logs, no port scans, etc...

went back to UI and looked over rest of admin area - merchandising section
returns 500 error - dunno why yet
reporting does not show most of november or any of december under
orders"  - does not list all orders "by day" either
error log still listing tons of this error:  wbpcstore
/cgi-bin/wbpcstore/index.html search error: Search strings must be at least
1 characters. You had no search string specified.
and this error: wbpcstore /cgi-bin/wbpcstore/process.html search error:
Limit subroutine creation: bad limit creation code in coordinated search,
probably search group without search specification. at
/usr/local/interchange/lib/Vend/Search.pm line 689.

This is extremely disturbing - the site appears to be functioning ok, we are
still receiving orders tonight - however customers with
backorders/partials/pendings canot check their info, accounts, etc.

machine info:  FreeBSD 4.1.1 , Apache 1.3.12, Interchange 4.6.1, Perl
5.00503 - IC setup using construct demo template- running live right now

Please let me know what if any info you may need to help

Eric Hull