[ic] pending orders dissapear!

Eric Hull res059ss@gte.net
Sat, 9 Dec 2000 22:55:30 -0600

found it in the logs directory
all the orders are still in the databse - catalog/wbpcstore/orders - just
not showing up right in the UI

just been reading all the IC docs on mySQL - looks like we should be able to
handle it.

one other concern is the error in the error logs  - will post under seperate
Thanks again
Eric Hull

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Quoting Eric Hull (res059ss@gte.net):
> Yea I am using the default - We are learning SQL as fast as we can and
> to imort all the stuff over on monday - couple of days too late :(
> fortunatly we do have a back up - but is a day old.
> Mike Heins said:
> -I am wondering if you followed the recommendation to place your
> -orderline, transactions, and userdb tables (at least)

in SQL.

By the way, the orders should still be in the etc/tracking.asc file;
you can recreate most anything from that.

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