[ic] Interchange server only runs for a while, then dies

=?iso-8859-1?Q?Adri=E1n?= Galindo agalindo@liceaga.facmed.unam.mx
Tue, 12 Dec 2000 11:36:51 -0600

Jonathan Melhuish wrote:
> Pretty much every other thread is receiving a prompt and helpful reply - I
> was just wondering why mine wasn't!
> Is it me?  Am I stupid?  Is it an obvious mistake?  Or is it really so
> difficult that it is incurable?
> PLEASE help me and the othe rpeople who are experiencing this problem to
> experience the miracle of Interchange!

With all respect you deserve, I suggest to you, that instead of being
complaning about it, try to install everything from the scratch.
If it's necessary, try on another machine, or another O.S.

It is clear that there is something wrong with your
installation/machine, cause there are thousands or maybe millions of IC
servers running, with problems and difficulties if you want, but finally

I don't remember your machine, O.S. or specific error message. We can
help to you without information about it.

Adrian Galindo.
Mexico City.