[ic] European taxation (again...)

Rene Hertell rene@hertell.com
Tue, 12 Dec 2000 23:29:52 +0200

Hi list!

I have been browsing the mail-archives for a while and trying to find an
clear and easy solution in solving the tax-problem that probably many of the
European minivend-users bump into. As many of you know, the tax is based on

Does anyone have a simple solution (I'm a real amateur with this...) in how
to solve this issue. It would be nice have a solution that would use the
normal [salestax] tag. The prices are given in the productdb without tax.

Here a small example: The db contains a field with the tax percentage. This
field should then be used when calculating the basket.

products.txt db
name         price     tax
toothbrush   10.00     0.22
toothpaste   20.00     0.22
a book       35.00     0.17


Item         qty    price   tax   incl tax
toothbrush   1      10.00  2.20      12.20
toothpaste   1      20.00  4.40      24.40
a book       1      35.00  7.70      42.70

                           total  65.00
                          tax 17%  7.70
                          tax 22%  6.60

       total amount inclusive tax 79.30

In my country we have also to make a summary on each tax-category. This
seems to be too difficult for me to solve, and I would appreciate if someone
has a solution for this.

Regards, René