[ic] Static page build problem

pro-dent.de info@pro-dent.de
Thu, 14 Dec 2000 01:59:45 +0100

Hello everybody ;-)

I am facing a little problem with the static page building system in IC 
4.6.0. I upgraded from MV4.04 to IC 4.6.0 and the static page build 
process doesn't seem to work properly anymore. It does do the page 
building, but the order links don't work anymore. Example:

MV4.04: the order URL looked like: blabla.cgi/order?;item-code

IC4.6.0: the order URL now looks like: blabla.cgi/order?=item%20dcode

and of course if you click on "order", it produces an Internal Server Error.

Any idea? Any help appreciated ;-)))

Thank you in advance!