[ic] Installation

John jhart@acsol.net
Thu, 14 Dec 2000 14:23:40 -0700

Hi Everybody,
We are trying to install Interchange. The interchange is running as
"manager" with group "store". I installed a user "demo" with group "store".
The catalog configuration goes fine and doesn't have a error, when I go to
web browse to the main page it comes up, however the "enter as customer"
doesn't. I have made sure the server is up and running (ie. ps -ax |grep
minivend). I do get an error in my httpd-error.log of "premature end of
script headers". The admin link does work and lets me log in and do a couple
of items, but the links to customers and most others do not work.
I have checked and double checked my file permissions, because it appears to
be the problem. Based on the documentation and the FAQs, everything seems to
be correct.

Any ideas?