[ic] new payment method broke, broswer dependent

Doug Alcorn doug@lathi.net
20 Dec 2000 11:35:51 -0500

I have a store that accepts money orders and cashier's checks.  What
they want to do is display the mailing address when the customer
selects that payment method (on the bottom of the checkout screen,
mail_receipt, and receipt.html).  The catalog is pretty much a
straight construct out of IC 4.6.0.  Here's my mods to

<SELECT NAME="payment_method" onChange="this.form.submit()">
     <option [selected payment_method credit] value="credit">Creid
[if variable CHECK_ACCEPTED]
     <option [selected payment_method check] value="check">Online
[comment]I don't have a variable for MO_ACCEPTED, I'm just always
including it here[/comment]
      <option [selected payment_method mo] value="mo">Money Order


[if !value payment_method]
[or value payment_method eq credit]
[elsif value payment_method eq check]
[elsif value payment_method eq mo]
  Mail Payment to:<BR><br>
  with the order number on the check

All of this works just fine for displaying the adderss on the checkout
page when the customer selects Money Order.  In fact, using my Linux
Netscape 4.7 browser I'm able to place an order using this payment
method.  My email receipt show the payment address, and the
receipt.html shows the payment address.  Just like I wanted.

The problem is on the Machintosh.  Using IE5 or NS4.7 on the Mac, the
payment address is displayed on the checkout page; however, when the
customer goes to actually checkout it comes back and says there was
an error and the fields in red should be filled in.  Well, there are
no fields highlighted in red.  I've even tested this with IE5 and NS6
under Win98 (using virtual PC v.3 running under MacOS).  It has the
same bug.  What is really odd is that everything works fine under
NS4.7 for Linux.

Is there a step I forgot for adding new payment methods?  Or is this
some other funky platoform issue?  Other than modify etc/mail_receipt
and etc/receipt.html, I made no other changes than those listed here.
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