[ic] Multiple Stores on one servers?

Ronald W. Dorman rwd@csi1st.net
Wed, 20 Dec 2000 11:56:35 -0500

Great tip.  I used Google and got much better results for my searches.  I
quickly found the documentation for Tallyman, which will hopefully answer a post
I just made.

Thanks Doug

Doug Alcorn wrote:

> "Jim Scott" <jscott@infoconex.com> writes:
> > Forgive me if there is a archive for this list. Did not seem to be able to
> > find one if there is. If there is one could someone email me the URL.
> There are arhives of the mailing list on akopia.com.  I'm not sure the
> exact URL.  However, someone recommended (and now I do to) to use
> google to search the archives.  In the search box just type: 'your
> search words site:akopia.com'  That will limit what you want to search
> for to all the pages on akopia's site.  Pretty cool, fast, and
> acruate.
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