[ic] CyberCash and Encrypted Credit Card Storage

Zachary Matthews zac@mediapc.com
Fri, 22 Dec 2000 11:17:03 -0800

I am nearing the launch of an Interchange store, and I am wondering how 
people have handled the storage of credit card numbers when using

Specifically, what I would like to do is complete the order processing
with CyberCash, and then encrypt and store the credit card number in
userdb so that return customers will not have to reenter their credit
card number.

As I understand it, CreditCardAuto should be set to 'yes' in order to
encrypt credit card numbers and store the encrypted data as
mv_credit_card_info in the userdb.  However, the documentation also says
that when using CyberCash 'yes', CreditCardAuto should be set to 'no'.

Is anyone using CyberCash (or another payment gateway) to process the
orders, and then encrypting and storing the credit card info for the
next time the customer returns?  Can this be done?  Any help, ideas,
suggestions, hints, clues, directions, illuminations would be most
gratefully appreciated!  Thanks....

Zac  (counting down to a looming deadline.... :-< )