[ic] Hotmail users

Steve steve@videogroup.com
Thu, 28 Dec 2000 09:15:42 -0500

I've got an internal memo from when MS took over Hotmail and it said "Don't 
even think of putting W2K on these boxes!" Due to not being stable enough.

Later when they did replace them with their own O/S's it took at least four 
Windows per Unix to get the same throughput. Obviously not the same 
functionality either.

So don't be surpriced that things are not working anymore...

On Wednesday 27 December 2000 12:10, you wrote:
> G'Day Folks,
> My two cents would be to block them all as well.
> This all started happening after Microsoft took over. They need to learn
> they are not the gods they think they are...
> John Beima

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