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Thanks for the info.  This catalog was what I was looking for.  After I
installed it I only have one other question.  How do you get to the backend?
I have tried everything like admin, etc, but there does not seem to be an
entry page.  Is there a way to administer this simple catalog?

Also, for future references, are there any other sample - simple or complex
catalogs such as simple and construct available for Interchange?  Thanks.

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> Quoting VHS Admin (admin@virtualhostingsolutions.com):
> > I have Interchange set up on my server and working like a charm.  The
> > problem is that the Construct site is a bit too complex for my needs.  I
> > not a sophisticated designer, but I have a lot of experience.  I need a
> > simple catalog site to work backwards from.   Is there a demo catalog
> > there other than construct?   I have tried simple, barry, and basic
which I
> > believe to be older demos and did not load anything.   I just need
> > to get a start from until I can figure out the complexities of the
> > Maybe I am making it too hard??  I need the backend features of the
> > system, but not the complex page design parts.  Is there an easy way to
> > up a simple catalog for now then work my way up?  Thank you in advance
> > any advice you have.
> Have you tried the basic demo at:
> ftp://ftp.minivend.com/pub/demos/basic-demo-0.01.tar.gz
> ???
> It works on Interchange, and is very simple. There are some things in
> the backend UI that won't work because the database tables don't support
> merchandising, shipping status, etc, but basic database editing and
> order listing should.
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