[ic] Ok last time.

Dave "Duke of URL" Weiner davew@webmast.com
Thu, 9 Nov 2000 12:36:39 -0500

> I dont mean to get nasty but I like the fact that everything is free and

Then don't

> everyone is busy and has lots to do in the personal lives. BUT I NEED some

That's right, we all have our own lives.  We are not required to give you
help.  If we do, it will be when we can, and if we want to.  This is a
community resource, not your exclusive help desk.

> help. There are no step by step docs on how to get CyberCash to work nor
> there adequate anything to help with how things should look and be set to
> get CyberCash to work. So I am asking again if there is anyone oout there
> with the time and knowledge to tell me where to get help on my CyberCash
> problems. I would explain what is going on but I first like to read on HOW
> its suppose to be setup so I can make guesses at what is NOT working
> properly.

Have you even tried searching for Cybercash on http://developer.akopia.com?
I just did a quick search, and found what I find to be perfectly
understantable documentation for using Cybercash 3.2 as well as Cybercash 2.
I suggest you also try searching the mailing list archives.  You may not
have gotten a response because the answers are easy to find.  The setup is
easy.  If it's not working, it could very well be your Cybercash config,
which you will not find any Interchange/Minivend documentation on.

> Beriah